UTEP College of Business Administration Alumni



The College of Business Administration (CoBA) Chapter will foster and develop an effective alumni relations program, grow CoBA alumni membership, and cultivate pride in the College and UTEP.

Vision and Mission

CoBA Chapter Goals:

  • To support the activities of The University of Texas at El Paso, The Alumni Association, and the College of Business Administration toward the realization of its mission and educational programs.

  • To establish and promote goals and projects which strengthen the ties between the members, the Chapter, the College of Business Administration, the Alumni Association, and The University.

  • To coordinate and host events for fundraising, networking, learning, and student interaction.

  • To unite CoBA Alumni for professional advancement and to provide various networking opportunities.

  • To foster a connection between CoBA alumni and current CoBA students, providing the oppurtunity to identify future graduates for mentoring, internships, and hiring potential.

  • To establish chapter affiliates throughout areas where clusters of CoBA alumni are located, furthering CoBA's purpose and allowing alumbi to unite and network across the globe.

  • To show a personal commitment to The University, The Alumni Association, and the CoBA Chapter by supporting philanthropic activities and encouraging others to do so as well.

      The mission of College of Business Administration (CoBA) Alumni Chapter is to develop united UTEP College of Business Alumi. The CoBA Chapter will lead the CoBA alumni in the establishment of one community of past, current, and future students and friends of CoBA through a heightened Miner spirirt and allegiance, professionalism, mentorship, and philanthropic principles. It will engage, connect, and enhance interaction among alumni, students, faculty, staff, and the cmmunity to support the promotion of the College of Business Administration at UTEP as a nitionally acclaimed institution of business education.

Mission Statement

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